Study of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012 Azores - GEM Ašores 2012

Date of Publication: August 2013

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM - is an annual evaluation of entrepreneurial activity, as well as the individual aspirations and challenges faced by entrepreneurs across a large number of countries/ regions. Currently, GEM is the largest study concerning dynamics of entrepreneurial activity in the world. Its main objectives are to determine the conditions that stimulate and hold back the entrepreneurial activity of each of the participating countries /regions.

The first GEM study took place in 1999, as a joint initiative of Babson College (USA), and London Business School (UK) and included participation from 10 countries. Since then, this project has been expanding, such that in 2012, 69 countries participated. GEM 2012 included the analysis of the autonomous region of the Azores (RAA) for the second time.

For further information about GEM Azores 2012 see: (Only available in Portuguese)