SPI extends its international reach by signing Business Collaboration Agreement

30 August 2013

SPI has recently become a member of Cluster 55° Business Roaming Agreement (www.cluster55.org), a network of cluster companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Cluster 55° is an exchange program that facilitates the internationalisation processes by enabling the share of knowledge, networks and locations among members. 

The collaboration aims to make foreign markets more accessible to local enterprises and provide international enterprises a platform they can use when they want to establish themselves in the region. This means that member companies will get free access to events, meetings places and offices of the other members. 

Within this collaboration, SPI is able to provide to each partner company free access to its office places, whilst at the same time being entitled to use more than 40 worldwide partners´ offices. 

The model is created to quickly access local contacts for companies, without creating a costly administrative process.