EMMINVEST: SPI accelerates the growth of mobile and mobility SMEs

18 April 2012

Together with Atlantis Consulting (Greece), Acc1o - Innovation Agency (Catalunya), Europe Unlimited and the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (Belgium), SPI will implement the European Mobile and Mobility industries international INVESTment programme (EMMINVEST - http://www.mobilise-europe.mobi/emminvest/).   

Co-funded by the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry), EMMINVEST is targeted at and aims to connect entrepreneurs of mobile and mobility service companies, investors and innovation agencies.

The project’s main objectives are to collect and disseminate available information on sources of funding and new learning; improve the investment readiness of start-ups/SMEs through effective coaching – with the goal of raising a total of EUR 15 million; mobilize investors by increased knowledge and collaboration; design and implement a cross-boarded co-investment facility; and devise effective cross-border coaching and investment schemes.

EMMINVEST will contribute to the scale and growth across borders of 120 mobile and mobility SMEs; provide to 180 regional, research, corporate and angel investors the opportunity of making promising investments; and foster the capabilities and knowledge of Innovation agencies regarding international investment.